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Adults Pink Game Chair (7218-PK)
Adults Pink Game Chair (7218-PK)
US$ 231.40
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Average rating: 4.5 (10 reviews)
Feb 15, 2018
by Haddie
Easy to put together, sturdy, plastic frame makes it slightly uncomfortable to sit on but for the price I paid it's decent
May 29, 2018
by Anthony
The materials the chair is constructed from seem to be of high quality and to be durable. The chair overall is highly adjustable, and feels as great as it looks.
Feb 13, 2018
by James fritcher
i am very happy with the quality of this chair. really great for the price!!! a few friends saw it and are now going to get one as well
Feb 10, 2018
by Andrew W.
So im not a super big guy 6'4 185 so i know its not because im to big but the chair starts to just slowly lower its self down and then you have to adjust yhe height of the chair and well you have to keep doing it im sure its just my chair has a problem. Now in the good note the chair is really comfortable and the material it is made out of is really nice.
Feb 5, 2018
by Kevin A. Palmer
The arm rests could have a little more cushion; they feel really hard after six+ hours straight.
Dec 16, 2017
by Nick
I ordered the Black/Gray and they sent me the Black/Blue instead. After I realized that it matches my gaming pc I was still happy with it! Great looking chair and I love that it reclines so far back. The removable cushions are uncomfortable, I took them off and added a kiss my back net support. I also like to sit very low most of the time, this chair sits higher up than most office chairs. Overall .. good gaming chair
Dec 3, 2017
by Anonymous
Chair arrived very quickly and was fairly easy to assemble. For the price Im pretty happy with the looks and quality.
Dec 2, 2017
by Emma
When we received this gaming chair, we couldn’t wait to assemble it. As the steps and details of the instructions are very clear, it’s not hard for us to assemble it. It took us nearly one hour to do the work. Feel proud of ourselves. The chair’s style and color are fashionable. We feel comfortable when sit on the chair, this is what the most important. There are cushions in the waist and cervical spine, which help us a healthy life. And the chair is not expensive.
Nov 23, 2017
by Nick Weinel
I bought this chair about 3 weeks ago for my desk at home. Assembly was a pain, not because of the actual difficulty of the tasks, but because of the shoddy and clumsy job done with the leather covering of the chair. To attach the backrest to the seat of the chair, you need to screw in a ton of bolts on both sides into pre made holes. Or at least what SHOULD have been pre-made holes. Half of the holes were only visible after I pierced the leather with a screwdriver, and even then a handful were not there at all. This made it impossible to attach the plastic covering, and i'm left with sharp and ugly hinges. The chair is fine once you sit down in it, although my chair has a pretty finicky tilt control.
Nov 17, 2017
by SunnyD.42
I received this product today and first thing i noticed was the box had some damage to it. When i opened it up to see if the chair was damaged i noticed some other things that were a little concerning. the plastic covers that protect the leather back and seat seemed to have shoe prints on them... you know the dust from the bottom of the shoe and it leaves the design on what you step on... i kept unpacking it and noticed that there was dirt on the arm rests, and the metal pieces where the screws go had the finish worn off, which means that those pieces had been used before... with all that said i still put the chair together and am going to keep it because the leather back and seat are totally fine and they seem to be new. these points don't bother me enough to ask for a new one but just be warned that you may find pieces that have been used before.

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